Hair Loss Transformations

After more than 40 years in the hair restoration business, Christoffels Company knows the importance of transformation. In March, our team had the privilege of attending the Hairvision International Transformation Conference in Florida, where over 300 hair loss professionals networked and shared ideas about the industry. The seminars were filled with new information to share with our clients.

Since 1976, our business model has transformed from cutting and styling hair intohair replacement services(including selling fake-looking toupees). In the 90s we started designing thin skin-like grafts with human hair, applied as another layer of skin on the hair loss area.

In 2000, we started offeringsurgical hair transplantsthat move hair from a donor area to the hair loss area, where it grows to match the original hair. We also startedlow-level laser treatmentsthat stimulate cell growth and help hair retention.

Now, in 2016, we are transforming again by introducing trichology and scalp treatments. As demonstrated at the conference, having an understanding of scalp issues and diseases allows us to better recommend the proper treatment or hair loss solution for our clients.

At the conference, Virg was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement award. The award is a great honor and also very humbling. It was earned from our loyal clients, our manufacturers, who always help us develop new ideas and technology, and our continuous business transformations. Our goal is to continue to serve our clients with integrity, and always provide the best solutions for their hair loss.

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