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Stress Related Hair Loss

November 09, 2020

There are many symptoms associated with stress: nail-biting, weight loss, irritability, and even in some of the most severe cases, hair loss. But what exactly is it about stress that leads to hair loss?Telogen EffluviumUsually, ea...

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Hair Loss in Teens

October 07, 2020

Hair loss can affect anyone of all genders and at any age, which includes a person's teenage years. Teens can experience hair loss due to various factors, including unmoderated stress, nutritional deficiencies, and autoimmune diso...

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

September 14, 2020

According to Harvard Medical School, about one-third of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. It can severely affect a woman's confidence as well as heremotional well-being. Here are a few reasons why women expe...

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How Thinning Hair Can Appear Fuller Looking With Hair Extensions

July 14, 2020

Many people believe that hair loss is a male issue. However, at least a third of women also experience hair loss. Most often this results inthinning hairwithout going bald.According to Harvard Medical School, thinning hair in wome...

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What is Trichotillomania?

June 08, 2020

Most people will fiddle with their hair, sometimes pulling out a gray strand or one with a split end. That behavior certainly falls into the normal realm. However, compulsively pulling out your hair and leaving bald spots on your...

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Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

March 16, 2020

Humanhair extensionshelp your existing head of hair look fuller and can create a longer overall length. These extensions can be costly therefore you must take proper care of them so that they will last quite a while. Whether you w...

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Hair Loss Causes & Effects

February 20, 2020

How It Manifests ItselfAlopecia doesnt affect all of its sufferers to the same degree, or by following the same pattern. There are three main categories:Alopecia areata This common problem involves the loss of hair in patches fro...

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6 Tips to Maintain Positive Hair Health This Winter

January 08, 2020

Oncewinterrolls around, it can quickly impact your skin and hair health. This is due to sudden changes in temperature, particularly when moving from warm indoor temperatures to the cold outdoors. Not only can your hair become dry...

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