Medical Wigs

Most women experience some degree of hair loss in their lives for one reason or another. For some, it may be temporary and specific medical conditions such as Alopecia or Chemotherapy treatments. For other women, it may be genetic, progressive, and permanent. It can be an emotionally difficult situation with which to cope.

At Christoffels Hair Restoration, we offer a caring approach to clients suffering from hair loss or thinning hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and other medically related hair loss causes, from the minor to the severe.

Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions and medical grade 100% natural human hair wigs combine technology and artistry with personal care and attention to detail in a private, caring, and pleasant atmosphere.

Our medical-grade wigs (as opposed to fashion wigs you will find online or at the mall) are individually created to your exact specifications and carefully matched to your existing hair in terms of color, texture, wave, and style. Your wig or hair addition is then cut and styled perfectly to reflect light naturally and flow beautifully, just like your own hair.

Our medical hair loss solutions are virtually invisible to both sight and touch. When you run your fingers through your hair you cannot tell where your added hair begins or ends.

At Christoffels in Sioux Falls, we offer an amazing selection of 100% natural human hair and virginEuropean hair wigs for women experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia and other forms of medically related or genetic hair loss. Utilizing the latest technology, our experienced and professional staff and stylists can help you restore your hair beautifully and naturally, in the color, length, and style you love.

Alopecia Totalis Wigs

Hair Prosthesis for Hair Loss

Often insurance covers the cost of a wig or hair prosthesis. We will be happy to work together with your physician to assist you in any way possible.

If you are contemplating a hair prosthesis, you should assume that you will lose all of your hair when you begin chemotherapy treatment. By doing so, your advance planning will assist you considerably in making sure that your custom wig or hair prosthesis has been made to your specifications and needs and will be ready for you.

Your first wig or hair prosthesis should duplicate your hair as closely as possible. (Be conservative in color, length, thickness, and style.) In chemotherapy-related hair loss, it is a good idea to avoid the following: weaves, hair extensions, hair integration, and hair intensifiers.

Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)

Lots of people have nervous habits, but people who pull out their hair compulsively can suffer overwhelming emotional and even physical impacts. Psychiatrists estimate that four million Americans have what is called trichotillomania (trick-o-till-o-main-ee-a).

If hair replacement is something you want to consider, the highly experienced consultants at Christoffels Hair Restoration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will help you find the best solution, which may include:

  • Custom integration
  • Hair additions
  • Full wigs
  • Custom Hair Prosthesis

Find the Hair Loss Solution That's Right for You

Why think about the hair you've lost when you can think about the hair you can have? At Christoffels Hair Restoration, we encourage you to become an educated consumer. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. An experienced professional will be happy to provide accurate, complete answers to all your hair loss questions.