Give the Perfect Gift

December 01, 2017

The hands-free HairMax® LaserBand is one of the world’s fastest laser treatments for hair loss. It works by cradling your scalp and nourishing it with laser light energizing and revitalizing your hair follicles to regrow...

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Mitchell's Story

November 03, 2017

Last year, Mitchell came to Christoffels Hair Restoration to get help after experiencing hair loss. Mitchell’s family has chosen Christoffels for almost 30 years to help them restore confidence after suffering from hair...

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Can You Predict Hair Loss?

September 27, 2017

There are many myths surrounding hair loss that tend to make people wonder if they will go bald. Some of these myths are: I will become bald if I wear a cap, I will become bald from using styling products on my hair, or...

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Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

September 13, 2017

Hair loss can appear at any point during a man or woman’s lifetime, starting from a very young age or developing over time. Most men and women who experience hair loss will notice thinning hair and baldness throughout their...

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Low-Level Laser and the Complete Treatment Program

July 28, 2017

In our latest blog “When Should I Take Action Against Hair Loss”, we talked about the right time to treat hair loss and the answer was to treat it early, but to have realistic expectations with the process. Terry ca...

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When Should I Take Action Against Hair Loss?

July 11, 2017

A common question we hear is when is the right time to take action against hair loss. The quick answer is to act when you first see signs of hair loss, but when treating hair loss it’s most important to consider the long-ter...

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Looking For a Licensed Hair Stylist

June 30, 2017

Christoffels Hair Restoration is a full service hair loss studio in Sioux Falls, SD, that is committed to providing the best products and experience possible when designing hair and working with clients who face hair los...

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Hair Loss and the National Anthem

May 25, 2017

Freedom is one of the greatest privileges we have in our country, and when we stand for the national anthem, we honor those who fought for that freedom. We honor them by standing, placing our right hand over our heart, and removin...

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Big Events and Hair Loss

May 08, 2017

We have found that when people decide to find a solution for hair loss, it‘s often event-driven. Time and time again we’ll have a consultation with a worried mother, a young college student, or someone thinking about a...

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I'm Done With The Hairpiece!

April 11, 2017

We recently had the pleasure of working with Tom and helping him transition into a more comfortable life that fit his needs and wants. Tom is 57 year-old and has been wearing a traditional hairpiece that he taped on every morning...

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