What can I expect?

At Christoffels, we are dedicated to providing the technology, design, expertise, and artistry to create a completely natural, totally undetectable hair restoration solution that meets your specific needs and expectations.


The Schell Family

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for my family, especially Dad, through such a difficult time. It's made such a huge difference in his attitude and how he's feeling. The comments and compliments have been amazing! He does look great, and he feels better too. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise. This has been a very emotional time for our family. You and your staff have made a very difficult time a bit easier to handle. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and compassion.




When I was searching for a place to acquire information on hair loss/hair transplants, I felt completely lost. After looking at the national brands like Bosley, I was still unsure if that was the route I should go. I just happened to come across your website and was delighted to see that you were in the same city as me! I've always been a person to support local businesses. I started to lose my hair in my early to mid-twenties and was actually nervous to even call and set up a free consultation. I decided to just go for it because I wanted to find that confidence in myself again that was starting to fade away with my hair.



My hair began thinning about four years ago. I tried a variety of products that claimed they would stop the hair loss, but I found no success with those products. I met with Christoffels Company and began treatments using their hair laser and additional hair products. Within seven months my hair has become significantly thicker and fuller, and I have new hair growing in the previous thinning areas. The staff at Christoffels met with me frequently to discuss my treatments and evaluate my progress to ensure I am satisfied with the process.

Duane (Austin's Dad)

Having known the Christoffels for a number of years and their ability to bring the latest innovations into their business, I was sure their laser technology would be of benefit to my son who was experiencing premature thinning. I was right. What fantastic results! His hair has filled in thicker than ever, the texture is heavier, the color is darker and hair is coming in where there was a complete loss. Fantastic results from a leader in the industry.




I am Keith Beck from Britton, SD. I have been a client of yours for a year and a half now. I have never taken the moment to personally thank you for changing my life. The day I drove to my consult with my sister in the snowstorm I questioned if I made the right decision. That day we signed the contract and you said that you were going to get me from living from under my cap. I had a cap by every door in my house because I was so conscious of my hair loss. I cannot thank you enough. That decision was one of the best decisions I had ever made. You literally changed my life. I was never going to tell a soul that I had done it and how wrong was I. I have told more people about your company. I have shared my before and after pics with so many that you wouldn't believe it. I just personally want to thank you for what you have done for me and my life. I just had my system changed on Friday with Burgandy, who is an absolute gem. I was able to visit with Sara also and thank her. If you ever have anyone who would like to talk to a client or ask questions about it, you are certainly able to send them my direction. I would definitely encourage them as I know what a change it made in my life. Thank you again for all you do!