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Hair Loss Patterns Are Different For Men & Women

With rare exception, hair loss in both men and women is extremely distressing.  If you are concerned about your hair thinning or receding, it’s essential to understand the pattern of hair loss and explore suitable solutions. In this post, we want to discuss the Norwood-Hamilton

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Understanding Thinning Hair and Scalp Health

Whether you are experiencing gradual hair loss or sudden thinning, understanding the underlying causes can help you determine which effective treatment options to pursue. One crucial but often overlooked aspect of effective hair loss treatment is to consider the health of your scalp. A healthy

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Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

If you have been dealing with thinning hair or hair loss, then you have probably been through several websites that claim they have treatments to regrow your hair. You have probably come across information that talked about treatments that can reverse hair loss, while others

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Preventing & Treating Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s not uncommon for mothers to discover their hair thinning after having a baby. The condition is called alopecia. Roughly 90% of mothers experience alopecia and post-partum hair loss within 2-6 months of giving birth, though the severity varies. Though alopecia isn’t unusual, many women

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How Trichotillomania and Stress are Connected

So many factors influence the health of your hair. Various illnesses can affect hair growth, as can certain medications. Heredity is a significant factor, too. If healthy, attractive hair runs in the family, you will probably have good hair too. But one of the biggest

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How to Care for Your Locks this Winter

Have you ever noticed dry and chapped skin or lips in the cold winter months? Turns out, the same thing happens to our hair as the weather becomes bitter and cold. The winds and cold air can make hair dry and brittle, putting a damper

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Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Learn the Reason You May be Experiencing Male Hair Loss. Over time you notice after taking a shower or brushing your hair, that you see there is a little more of your hair has collected around the drain or is on your brush. How much

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Understanding Alopecia

Understand Alopecia Areata Male and female hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons. For this reason, perhaps we should discuss what alopecia areata is. Alopecia areata is a condition that causes a persons hair to fall out in small patches. At first, they

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A Closer Look at Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

How Do Mens Hair Replacement Systems Work? Mens hair replacement systems: do they really work? Do they look natural? As part of the normal aging process, it is common for men to begin to lose their hair. Those struggling with thinning hair may first notice

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