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Francescas Inspiring Story

Fearless. Strong. Inspiring.

Those are just a few words that describe our amazing client Frannie Magnussen. Growing up on her family’s farm in Archer, IA, she was surrounded by the outdoors, farming, and simply loved getting her hands dirty. With a life immersed in agriculture, it’s no surprise that it became a passion that she wanted to explore deeper.

After graduating from Iowa Lakes Community College in May 2016, she transferred to South Dakota State University to pursue an education in agriculture business and agronomy. Before the fall semester began, Frannie was spending her summer interning at the Archer Co-op, which allowed her to be close to home while she deepened her skills through hands-on experience.

May 17, 2016 started off like any other workday during her internship. She began by completing paperwork, but then decided to switch gears to assist the team that was cleaning and servicing trucks. While she was greasing the bearings of a tender truck, its power take-off shaft caught a hold of her hair, which tragically pulled all of it off, as well as her scalp and ears.

She was rushed to a local medical center to be stabilized before being sent to Sanford Hospital here in Sioux Falls for a 12-hour surgery that’s purpose was to reattach her scalp. After what seemed like an endless amount of surgeries, Frannie can still hear although she no longer has her ears and is still thankful even though she has lost her hair.
“All I have been able to focus on is how wonderful it is for me to still be here, and how lucky I am to be alive.” Frannie told the N’West Iowa Review.

“Fran first came to us when she was a few months out from her accident looking for options. The thing that I admire so much about Fran is her bravery, and the confidence she has to continue moving forward. She is a fighter and was on a mission to find the best solution out there for herself.” said our owner, Sara.

We are so grateful to have her as a client and to have the chance to help her feel confident! She posted the video below on TikTok smiling during her appointment and showing her followers how we help her do her hair.

The thing I admire so much about Fran is her bravery, and the confidence she has to continue moving forward

We admire her strength and high spirits through everything and that despite it being an extremely hard journey, she chooses to see the positive side of things by being thankful to have a full life ahead of her.


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