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How to Protect Your Hair Against Cold Weather

Wind and a cold climate has a damaging effect on hair. When the temperature drops and the weather worsens for winter, its time to step up hair protection. Read on for some top tips on how to protect your hair againstcold weather.

Dont Over- Wash

In cold weather, moisture can be lost in a flash from hair that is exposed to wind, central heating, and more. Avoid washing hair daily in winter so it retains natural oils and moisture. If you are concerned about appearance, experiment with pinning your hair up or plaiting it in braids so it stays neat.

Add Conditioner

Winter is a good time to treat your hair with a conditioner so that moisture is replenished and it stays hydrated. To avoid build up, apply the conditioner first, followed by shampoo. A weekly conditioner application will help keep your hair in top condition.

Eat Well

Eating a healthy balanced diet is vital for sleek looking shiny hair. In winter weather it is really important to make sure you eat vitamin rich foods to keep the hair follicles in top condition. A healthy diet helps build your immune system too, and hopefully avoid winter coughs and colds. Central heating systems can be dehydrating so do ensure you continue to drink water to keep the body tissues hydrated.

Use a Hair Oil

Oil based hair moisturizers are highly effective at locking in moisture so the follicles stay hydrated. Applying a quality hair oil moisturizing product weekly will keep your hair in great condition and avoid frizz and other wintertime damage. Use it as part of your beauty routine and youll soon notice a big difference.

Hat protection

Hats are great at keeping your head warm on cold days but they can lead to damaged hair if worn throughout the day. To stay warm and have beautiful hair, use a silk cap between your head and the hat to protect the follicles. Shower caps can also damage hair so leave yours off when taking a shower during the winter months when follicles are more susceptible to damage.

By making a few simple changes to a daily beauty and nutrition routine you can have beautiful hair throughout the year. Cold weather is harsh on hair but taking care to avoid damage will result in glossy well-conditioned tresses. At Christoffelshair restoration, we offer all proven hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men, women and children.

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