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Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair loss can appear at any point during a man or womans lifetime, starting from a very young age or developing over time. Most men and women who experience hair loss will notice thinning hair and baldness throughout their lifetimes, and will become concerned. After noticing the signs of hair loss, people question what options they have. At Christoffels Hair Restoration, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we have realized thathair replacement solutions are not the same for women as those for men, and we have options for both genders. We also realize that every situation is different and require different procedures, therefore we offer non-surgical and surgical options to meet everyones needs. When you come in for your free, private consultation we will discuss the differences between the options, but here are some facts of non-surgical treatments to consider:

No Extra Medical Attention While surgical hair restoration requires actual surgical procedures and other medical treatments, non-surgical options are easy on the patient and dont require anything medical.

Faster Recovery Time While surgical treatments take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to complete, and 12 months to see the final results, non-surgical options take as little as two hours to complete.

No Post-Surgery Complications There is no transplantation involved in non-surgical treatments, so there is no risk for infections, swelling or bleeding in the process. The patient will leave without any open wounds or sores.

Customizable and Reversible- Your custom hair is created to your exact age-appropriate specifications, based upon your desires, expectations, and lifestyle. The result is that your individually customized hair restores your natural appearance as though the hair is growing naturally out of your scalp, with a totally naturally looking hairline, and a completely natural feel to the touch.

Less Risk Semi-permanent, non-surgical options allow you to have a full head of hair that looks and reacts like you own growing hair. When using a non-surgical option you are not limited to a specific hairstyle or to how much hair you can have. Our specialist will help you choose a hairstyle that meets your expectations, as well as design a hairstyle that is appropriate for you. Non-surgical options can be used in the early stages of hair loss or if your hair loss is more advanced. This is also a good option for people suffering with hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy.
The number of individuals affected by hair loss continues to rise, increasing by 10% in the last year. Ninety-seven percent of hair loss with males is caused by male pattern baldness, and 70% of female hair loss is caused by female pattern baldness. Other causes of hair loss can be hormones, thyroid, anemia, over processed hair, chemicals, or pollutants in the air and food.

We evaluate clients based on their personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environment conditions and decide which option is best for them. Call Christoffels with any questions you may have about your hair loss or the non-surgical hair restoration process.


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