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Can Your Diet Cause Hair Loss?

There are several different reasons that you may experience hair loss aging, genetics, stress but theres one surprising reason that you may start noticing a thinning out around your scalp: yourdiet. Believe it or not, what you eat regularly may prove to be a powerful trigger for hair loss. Just like everything else in your body, your hair is continually growing and it needs the right balance of food and nutrients within to stay healthy and flourishing. Intrigued? Lets break down how diet impacts hair loss here.

The Keto Diet and Weight Loss

Keto one of the hot diet fads for weight loss may actually have a negative impact on your hair. Keto is all about reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the body in order to place it in ketosis, or a stage where it burns fat rapidly and (usually) induces weight loss. As posited in this article, however, doctors hypothesize that the unbalanced diet may produce a negative impact on a persons hair. Additionally, the article posits that the stress and pressure caused by the diet may also have a negative effect on a persons hair volume.

A Lack of Protein in the Diet and Hair Loss

On the opposite end of the spectrum of the keto diet, a lack of protein can also have a significant, negative impact on a persons hair volume. Diets that are severely restrictive in proteins may cause hair loss. The hair on your head consists of protein. As such, it needs a good, solid base of protein within the diet to maintain volume and growth.

A Balanced Diet: A Key to Avoiding Hair Loss

So, how can you use your diet to avoid hair loss? As with most things with your body, balance is the key. Be sure to ingest a proper, balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and nutrients, so your hair has what it needs to remain full and thick for as long as possible.

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