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Female Pattern Baldness

Hair is a huge part of our identity. 

It’s an ever-present style accessory, and most of us have given great thought to what message we want our hairstyle to convey. While our hair is sometimes a source of frustration, it’s usually a source of pride. If you’re experiencing female pattern baldness, you’re probably worried and confused. That’s understandable!

Female Pattern Baldness

You may be surprised to learn that male pattern baldness, which is something most people are familiar with, has a female counterpart. And it’s surprisingly common. Androgenetic alopecia, as it’s technically called, affects millions of women. In some cases, it’s hereditary. In other cases, it’s a side effect of menopause. According to Harvard Medical School, as many as two-thirds of post-menopausal women experience bald spots or thinning hair.

Female pattern baldness develops in three stages. 

Stage one is minimal thinning that you can easily camouflage by styling your hair strategically. Stage two involves a decrease in hair volume and a noticeably widening in-line part. Stage three involves prominent thinning where you can see the top of your scalp through your hair. If you think you may have female pattern baldness, a dermatologist can make that diagnosis for you. If you do receive a positive diagnosis, your first question will probably be, “What do I do about it?

If you have developed pattern baldness, you may feel alone. You’re definitely not. Fortunately, hair-care technology has evolved so you can love your hairstyle despite having this common condition. At Christoffels Hair Restoration, we provide men and women with a diverse collection of hair loss solutions, including natural hair replacement. Don’t wait any longer, schedule your free consultationwith us today!

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