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Memory Lane

I used to think, Why talk about the past? Who cares? Its just a bunch of old people telling embellished stories.

My parents would tell stories from their younger years about World War II and how they fell in love. They talked about the struggles they faced after they bought a farm in the 1950s, which was the biggest financial risk they had ever taken. Back then I didnt realize the sacrifices they made. They probably had sleepless nights worrying about how the bills would get paid and how to provide for a family of eight.

Two years ago my 94-year-old mother shared their story of risk with us. She and my dad had to sell a cow in order to send six kids through Christian education. It wasnt until after the tuition was paid that my dad found the check, un-cashed, from selling the cow. My mom doesnt know how the tuition was paid but she saw this as an example of how God provides.

In 1963, I thought my parents were financially ahead when my dad rented a black and white TV. Many of you reading this may not know what that was, right? We would watch one of three TV networks in the evening, taking turns walking up to the TV and manually switching channels. The antenna, which was wrapped in tin foil, had to be just right or else the TV screen would look like snow. Fast forward 50 years, and 40 years later of owning our business, and I now see many similarities between the TV antenna and my own life.

I think back to starting with 200 clients and paying $1,500 for a 400 square foot barbershop. I was scared stiff! As the business grew I never stopped worrying and thinking what if. Today, I can honestly say that I worry less about the what ifs because I have seen God provide for me in many ways, like He did for my parents. Every part of my life needs to be aligned with Gods wishes for me. It has taken me 40 years of business to realize that its not about me, but about how God wants to use me.

To all my friends, family and clients, God has blessed me, and our business, beyond what I could ever do through my own worrying. He has given me the privilege to touch so many lives. Thanks for the 40 years!


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