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Mitchell’s Story

Last year, Mitchell came to Christoffels Hair Restoration to get help after experiencinghair loss. Mitchells family has chosen Christoffels for almost 30 years to help them restore confidence after suffering from hair loss. First came his grandfather, followed by his father, and now Mitchell. Making them part of the Christoffels family for over three decades.

Mitchell is a very public person who is involved in television appearances, judging national beauty pageants and participating in other public speaking events. Being in the public eye, it was important how Mitchell felt about himself. In many ways, Mitchell felt comfortable with who he was, but like many of our clients, he sensed that his hair loss was affecting his self-confidence in a negative way.

Mitchell knew there were solutions to his hair loss and after doing research decided on Christoffels Hair Restoration. We scheduled an initial consultation and found that he enjoyed spending time on his hair as well as the ability to try new, trendy styles. With a semi-permanentnon-surgical procedure, Mitchell has the ability to wear his hair in different styles and continue his same level of activity and lifestyle.

Mitchell is open about his hair loss and restoration, so he has enjoyed the compliments and people figuring out the difference in his look and renewed self-confidence.

If you identify with Mitchell, check out his video and call Christoffels Hair Restoration to discover how we can help with your transformation.


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It’s time to feel good about your hair again.

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