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Myths About Hair Loss

There are so many myths surrounding hair loss. Christoffels Company has been in the hair replacement business for over 40 years. Virg and his staff have been recognized as leaders in the industry because of their honest, caring, and open approach to hair loss. They have been recognized as the Studioof the Year by the National Hair Journal due to theirprogressive business and hair loss knowledge. Because of all of these accomplishments, Christoffels and Company would like to banish some popular myths.

Myth #1: My hair loss was caused by wearing a cap.False. Hats dont cause hair to thin or bald. However, if a hat is dirty,it could lead to scalp infection and accelerate hair loss. If a hat is clean this should not be a problem.

Myth #2: Hair loss is passed down from the mothers side of the family only.False. It is true that hereditary hair loss is more dominant when it stems from the female side of the family. But research suggests that if a males father is bald, the male is more likely to developmale pattern baldness.

Myth #3: Blow-drying wet hair eventually causes it to fall out.False. There is no proof that hair dryers will cause hair to thin out or fall out. High heat drying may cause hair to become brittle or break off, but will not increase the likelihoodof your hair falling out.

Myth #4: Using hairspray, gel, or other styling products will cause hair to fall out.False. Styling productsdo not lead to balding. Neither doesshampooing or washing your hair frequently.

Myth #5: Sunscreen use on the scalp causes hair to fall out.False. We recommend using sunscreen on your scalp if your hair is thinning, so as to prevent sunburn. Sunburn on the scalp is one of thefirst indicators of hair lossfor men and women.

Myth #6: Swimming in a pool causing hair to fall out.False. Chlorine can cause hair to be dry and brittle, but it does not cause thinning or balding.

Myth #7: People who braid their hair can increase the risk of hair falling out.This is part myth and part truth. Braiding hair for a short time does not cause hair to fall out. However, tight braiding and cornrow braiding has caused hair loss. Braiding can destroy the hair follicles causing hair loss, also known as traction alopecia. When a large amount ofstress is put on the hair follicles, such as a tight pony tail or pigtails, it can cause a receding hair line.

If you have any other questions about hair loss, or believe you are experiencing the indicators of hair loss,contactVirg or Saratoday. They are experienced experts in the hair loss field who can help you regain your self-confidence.


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