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Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

Humanhair extensionshelp your existing head of hair look fuller and can create a longer overall length. These extensions can be costly therefore you must take proper care of them so that they will last quite a while. Whether you wear the extensions for special occasions or every day to give you more confidence, these accessories are a must for women who desire more volume or a longer length.

Products to Use

Always choose quality products to wash and condition your human hair extensions. The best products help to keep your natural hair and your extensions looking shiny and healthy. Pamper your extensions to ensure that they last a long time.

Shop around for a moisturizing, sulfate-free hair shampoo. Ask your hairstylist if you have difficulty finding one. The reason you should avoid sulfates in your shampoo is because they tend to dry out the hair strands. Sodium laurate sulfate is one of the most common sulfates found in hair shampoos. Manufacturers use sulfates to create an impressive lather. Your hair roots supply necessary oil to the hair follicles and strands, but extensions dont have this benefit. They can get dry, frizzy, and dull-looking. Keep in mind that shampoos dont have to create tons of bubbles to keep your hair or extensions looking clean, hydrated and beautiful.

Choose a quality conditioner to help keep your human hair extensions tangle-free. This prevents the hair strands from breaking when you are gently combing them. If you have extensions that are braided or curly, its wise to use a leave-in hair conditioner for these hair accessories.

Washing the Extensions

Remove extensions that are clipped or glued in before shampooing. The frequency of washing your extensions depends on how much you use them. If you wear them only for special occasions, you can probably shampoo, condition, and dry your extensions every other time you wear them. If you rarely use hair products, it may be acceptable to wash them after wearing them three times.

If you wear your extensions daily, wash them every time you wash your hair, or less often if you rarely use products that cause a buildup on the hair strands.

Dry the human hair extensions by sitting under a hooded hair dryer if you wear them every day. If you have time, blot the extensions with a clean towel and then lay them on another dry towel to let them dry naturally overnight. Braided, curly, or thick extensions should be dried thoroughly with a hooded hairdryer. Otherwise, they can mildew and have an unpleasant odor.

Use the same wisdom that you adhere to when washing your natural hair to care for the extensions. This ensures that youre able to keep them looking their best!

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