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What Are My Hair Loss Options? Part 3: Non-Surgical

How do I sort through all the options and language when researching hair loss?

This is the question we will help you answer over the next two weeks. For the first installation in this three part blog series,click here.

Last week we discussedlaser therapy and medications that can be used to treat thinning hair. This week, we want to discuss the pros and cons of non-surgical options.

What used to be the hairpiece or toupee is today referred to as semi-permanent hair replacement. This product involves applying or grafting a thin derma lens material with human hair looped into it to the balding or thinning area on your head. This procedure is usedwhen a person has hair loss that is too far advanced for a treatment program to be effective. This procedure would also be used when you want to have the type of hair density that you get with a transplant. Semi-permanent, non-surgical options allow you to have a full head of hair that looks and reacts like you own growing hair. When using a non-surgical option you are not limited to a specific hairstyle or to how much hair you can have. Our specialist will help you choose a hairstyle that meets your expectations, as well as design a hairstyle that is appropriate for you. Non-surgical options can be used in the early stages of hair loss or if your hair loss is more advanced. This is also a good option for people suffering with hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy.


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It’s time to feel good about your hair again.

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