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Why Hair Loss Occurs During Chemotherapy

While no one wants to be in the position that requires them to take chemotherapy, unfortunately, these things happen. While it is relatively well known that chemotherapy causes hair loss, most people do not understand why. With that in mind, here is a closer look at why hair loss occurs during chemotherapy.

Why Chemo Causes Hair Loss

Although some people seem to think that cancer causes hair loss due to stress and the effects of the disease itself, this is not the case. Rather, people lose their hair during chemotherapy because it includes powerful medications designed to attack the cancer cells. While these medications help get rid of cancer, they are also incredibly aggressive and are known to cause a wide variety of side effects.

In addition to other side effects, such as mouth sores, fever, constipation, easy bruising, aches and pains, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, and more, chemotherapy causes hair loss. This is because chemotherapy not only attacks cancer cells but other rapidly growing cells in your body, which includes your hair follicles.

Therefore, chemotherapy can cause hair loss not just on your head but all over your body. No matter if it is your facial hair, pubic region, armpits, or any other area of your body in which hair grows, chemotherapy may cause your hair to shed in large amounts.

Not All Chemo Drugs are Created Equal

Nevertheless, not all chemo drugs cause hair loss. Whether or not someone loses their hair during chemo depends on how their own body interacts with the drugs, the kinds of drugs being used, and the dosage. Also, hair loss can occur on small levels or can cause total baldness.

However, if there is a silver lining to this, it’s that the hair loss is usually temporary. In fact, many people recover from their cancer and chemo treatment and go on to regrow their hair in a way that makes it look like they never lost it.

Overall, if you are concerned or embarrassed that you are losing your hair due to chemotherapy treatments, remember that the most important thing is regaining your health. Once you have done that, there are plenty of methods that will allow you to regrow your hair and come back with a beautiful head of hair that will make others jealous.

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