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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair lossis generally associated with men as they age, and in some cases elderly women as well. However, there are far more causes than simply aging. There could be one factor causing it, or there could be more than one factor.

Hair Loss

While it can affect your entire body, hair loss is more often referred to the hair residing on the head. In many people, the loss of this hair can produce psychological effects. Stress can cause it and being stressed about it could result in more hair loss. Other people dont stress about as much and prefer to leave their bald spots uncovered and untreated.

According to the Mayo Clinic, instead of the hairline receding from the forehead as in men, women tend to retain the hairline on the forehead, but the gap in the part usually broadens, making it more and more difficult to deal with when it comes to taking care of the hair and styling.


There are many causes which include:

  • Vitamins:

The most common two are Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Too much Vitamin A causes hair to fall out, while a Vitamin B deficiency will do the same.

  • Hormones:

Either through pregnancy, menopause, or birth control. Or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS.

  • Medication:

Blood thinners and beta blockers are known to cause hair loss.

  • Hairstyling:

There are hairstyles and products which can put too much stress on the hair. Not resting the hair between perms or hair treatments can damage the hair to the point it falls out. As can keeping the hair in a tight ponytail or using the wrong brush.

When it comes to hair loss in women, it is best to discover the root cause of why the hair is falling out. If it is due to an excess or deficiency of vitamins, then that can be easily fixed. If the cause is something that cant be changed, such as from medication, then the woman will most likely find ways to prevent further loss and try to reverse the hair loss that has already happened.The staff here at Christoffels can answer any questions you might have, contact us today!

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