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Derek’s Full Story

Christoffels Company,

When I was searching for a place to acquire information on hair loss / hair transplants, I felt completely lost. After looking at the national brands like Bosley I was still unsure if that was the route I should go. I just happen to come across your website and was delighted to see that you were in the same city as me! Ive always been a person to support local businesses. I started to lose my hair in my early to mid twenties and was actually nervous to even call and set up a free consultation. I decided to just go for it because I wanted to find that confidence in myself again that was starting to fade away with my hair.

The minute I walked into Christoffels Company I was greeted with a smile and so many positive attitudes. As most can agree losing your hair is tough and they made me feel so comfortable. I met with Virg a few minutes later and he explained all of the different options I was able to choose from, everything from pills and ointments, to lasers. I decided that I wanted this to be a night and day difference so I chose to go the hair transplant route. I made an appointment for when the procedure would be done and instantly I had knots in my stomach. I was scared it wasnt going to work, that it would cause more harm than anything. I thought of every scenario up until the day it happened. I was actually shaking sitting in the waiting room when the day arrived. The staff saw my nervousness and let me know that everything will be fine and in a few months I will be so happy with the outcome.

The procedure was quick and painless! I was in and out during the afternoon, and it went so smoothly. Dr. Reese and his staff made sure I was comfortable and even cracked some jokes to lighten the mood since I was still a bit hesitant. I look back a year and half later and am so so so happy I did this. The results are fantastic and most people cant even remember what I looked like before. Virg and the rest of the gang were there for me every step of the way. I once wanted to go in on the spur of the moment just to make sure everything was okay since my anxiety of getting the full results was shooting through the roof. They got me in the next day and I was able to chat with Virg. The open atmosphere of this company, the friendly faces, and the accommodating nature of Christoffels Company was amazing. I have been suggesting most individuals to go at least check it out when they tell me they are interested in some sort of hair regrowth.

The transplant process lasted a year (and I think is still going hair keeps coming!). There were times I wasnt sure if it was working and then weeks where I saw so much progress. I was given great detailed information on how to take care of my head (and hair). As I stated before I was so afraid this wouldnt work out in the end, but I pushed those fears aside after I saw growth. Now that I have hair again Im not sure what to even do with it! I would say if you are hesitant about doing a hair transplant at least go in and talk to Virg about what could be done. Im glad I took this route and will forever be grateful for everyone at Christoffels Company. If you want this then go for it! In the end youll only regret all of the chances you didnt take!



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