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Rosie’s Full Story

In three and a half weeks three fourths bald!

When I went to my dermatologist (as directed by my family practice physician) she was stunned. And as my primary doctor said, Rosie, it is not good when your dermatologist is stunned!

Immediately my dermatologist took a biopsy of my head and put me on two topical treatments one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In a couple of weeks I went back for several shots in my head.In the meantime, what does one do when within days, the hair is gone? Because there was a puff of hair in the front and a puff in the hair in the back I began to wear hats; fancy hats and baseball type hats with a little sparkle in them.

A prescription for a wig was next. One of my dearest friends, who had gone through chemo a few years before, recommended Sara at Christoffels in Sioux Falls. Sara and I connected immediately. We visited and then she looked at some pictures of me when I had hair! I knew that I wanted real hair, as I was not sure that I would ever have hair again! She knew exactly what I wanted and needed!When I came back in a few days she had my hair ready for styling. I was awestruck! The color was perfect, the cut exactly what I wanted and I went home looking like a million bucks!

But the best part, I get so many compliments on my hair and people have no cluenot a CLUEthat it is not my real hair! Many times when I meet people I havent seen for a long time they comment on how great I look AND that I look so much younger. To a 74 year old this is worth another million bucks!!!

My hair is slowly returning but I truly think that I will be wearing this beautiful wig for a long time, if not forever! And maybe get another as well!

So kudos to Sara and her crew! They are compassionate professionals who breathe new life into those of us who have been stripped. And they do it with understanding, kindness and skills and abilities beyond reproach.


a portrait of Sara Tims for Christoffels Hair Restoration in Sioux Falls, SD

It’s time to feel good about your hair again.

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