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Receive 25% Off Our 5-Step Products

Remember when you first received your new hairstyle and the feelings you experienced? Remember how great you looked, how smooth it felt, and being able to style it like it was your own hair? After some time you might have noticed it started looking dull, or constantly tangles when its wet making it difficult for you to comb.

When the human hair initially comes to Christoffels it has gone through a chemical process that can leave the end product unpredictable. The hair has been stripped of the cuticle and natural color, and then died with a textile die. This process can leave the hair dry and in need of protein and moisture treatment in order to maintain the appearance of healthy looking hair.

At Christoffels, we take this process very seriously and work hard to help you look your best with as little maintenance on your end as possible. Although we cant always predict how your hair was treated before we receive it, we can predict how it will react by helping you properly care for it.

With the recommended use of our 5-step system you can have predictable results. We stress the importance of our 5-step private label system, when used correctly and consistently it will help prevent dull, tangled hair or premature hair shedding.

To demonstrate our commitment to this process, we are offering a one-time 25% discount on all five steps during the month of April. With each visit our technicians will ask about your hair, and will take the time to explain the proper use for each product step. We are committed to giving you a good experience and helping you maintain great looking hair each time it is applied.

Let us help you look and feel good.

With gratitude for your business, The Christoffels Team


a portrait of Sara Tims for Christoffels Hair Restoration in Sioux Falls, SD

It’s time to feel good about your hair again.

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