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Christoffels Helps Three Generations

Christoffels Hair Restoration recently had the opportunity to help Mitchell through the hair restoration process. As Virg was getting to know Mitchell, he found out that Mitchells father and grandfather had both visited Christoffels years ago when they first started to lose their hair. That

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Emily’s Alopecia Areata Story

When its back-to-school time, children, like Emily, and their families are busy gathering all of the school supplies that theyll need for a new year but there was an extra something that Emilys mother knew she would need to feel confident in school. Emily has

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Ella’s Battle Against Alopecia

When Ella first came into Christoffels Hair Restoration, we immediately fell in love with her personality. Ella is a 9-year-old girl who is battling alopecia, an autoimmune disease (also known as patternbaldness) in which hair is lost when the body fails to recognize its own

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Testimonial

Hello Virg, I am Keith Beck from Britton SD. I have been a client of yours for a year and a half now, and I have never taken the moment to personally thank you for changing my life. The day I drove to my consult

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Why Get a Hair Transplant?

Our last blog post sharedBrads hair loss experiencewith Christoffels Company. Hescheduled a free hair loss consultation, learned his options, and decided that a non-surgical treatment was best for his situation. Now well share Chads experience. After dealing with hair loss, Chad finally worked up the

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Dealing With Hair Loss Frustration

My name is Brad. Im 27 years old, but with my thinning hair I look closer to 40. My story began in 2013 when I started noticing and experiencing hair loss. I spent time online researching different options, but only found myself confused by all

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Does Hair Loss Make a Difference?

I was astounded while doing a consultation with a 25-year-old man. It took him more than two years to get enough courage to call us for an appointment. When he came in he was wearing a cap, but after we had been talking for 10

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What Causes Hair Loss

Here is a healthy head of hair. As we zoom in, you can see a healthy hair follicle. Your hair grows from the dermal papilla at the base of the hair follicle. You can see the capillaries carrying blood to the androgen receptors, which is

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Memory Lane

I used to think, Why talk about the past? Who cares? Its just a bunch of old people telling embellished stories. My parents would tell stories from their younger years about World War II and how they fell in love. They talked about the struggles

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How Do You Define Success?

You have probably been asked the question, What is success? Success is different for everyone and can be personalized, so the key word here isyou. How doyoudefine success? If you had asked me to define success 40 years ago my answer would have been very

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